About Chronic Legion
The Launch Code is fourtwenty - please feel free to sign up for the Website using the Launch Code. To contact Leadership for an Invite, please either join our Discord Channel or find any of our Officers listed below in-game.

Legion Code

1. Be respectful.
2. No begging.
3. No complaining.
5. Get to know your comrades.
6. Work together to improve team skills.
7. Relax and have fun.
8. No pity for the weak! 

Originally founded in January 2009 by a group of mercenaries and herbalists, Chronic Legion was established in Neverwinter by Borovar Greenleaf in May 2013. Later in August of 2016, Chronic Legion came upon new leadership by Enyo.

Recruitment Message
All stoners are welcome in our hazing stronghold where the blunts are plentiful and the weed hits smooth. No requirements to join, just hit us up! 

Bud Baron - Guild Leader
Hemplar - Commander
Bud Knight - Officer 
Bud - Senior Member
Sprout - Member
Seed - Recruit
Shake - On Trial

Bud Baron - Enyo (@Yopuko)
Hemplar - Sneakymon - (@most2holy)
Hemplar - Mialee Darksbane (@pickil11)

Bud Knights:
Aelar Shieldheart (@bigdaddy#1674)
Changar Jur (@cb0106#6222)
araceli (@dagnon#5883)
uXgCrusader (@crusaderuxg)
Cashius Claypype (@judescience42)
Morthus Kombatis (@kanon55555)

What level are we, and what boons can we currently offer?
Currently we are a level 17 guild, established since May 2013 on Neverwinter. Currently we offer +6000 Power, +6000 Armor Penetration, 6400 Lifesteal, +6400 Defense, +14% Mount Speed, +24% XP, 2:00 Revive Sickness & Group Heal Potion Bonus (55%) for boons, and are working hard to expand upon that. 


Are we active?
We usually have about 12-15+ online, though like any guild it varies - sometimes more, sometimes less. Guild chat is active, and guild runs are organized frequently, along with Dragonflight & Marauder Events hosted by our guild every few hours through out the day. We are also very active on our Discord Channel.


What are the requirements to join?
For our guild in particular, we don't have any specific requirements. All players are welcome to join, both new and veterans. We really aren't very particular - after all, we're mostly stoners!


Do we require you to donate to the Stronghold Coffer?
As we do not require members to donate to the Stronghold, we do highly encourage it wherever possible. We understand some members require certain items to advance further through the game, and encourage them to prioritize building their character rather than helping build our Stronghold. Donating to the Stronghold will not affect how you advance through the Ranks either.


How can you advance through the ranks or in other words, achieve higher ranks?
Working your way up through the ranks is rather easy and straight forward. Promotions are given strictly by the discretion of the guild leader, commander, and officers. Promotions are given based on your activity within the guild. We are a social adventuring guild; the better we get to know you and vice versa, the quicker you will see new ranks. This ranges from contributing to guild chat, to helping other members with questing or knowledge, to joining us for guild raids and runs, to even initiating such raids and runs yourself. Point is, the more comfortable we feel about you and the better we get to know you, the better your chances are at guild promotions. Currently Officer and Commander ranks are unavailable. 


What do we expect from you?
Our main and only expectation is that you are friendly not just within our guild, but outside our guild as well. Every member represents our guild, and we expect you to bear that in mind when you are amongst other people in the game. That is honestly our only expectation. We also have the Legion Code, which is the basic outline of our rules within the guild. Nothing too demanding, mostly common sense.

No FB Yes FB Hand (smaller) Lap 40.063em Desk 64.063em Wall 90.063em